As the video of James Foley emerged, feelings well up inside of me. Feelings related to why? And how? And who? Why would you do that? How did it get to this? Who do you think you are? These questions produce pure hatred inside of me for a people that I don’t even know or understand. And for years, all I DO KNOW (because I’ve “seen” it on a screen), is these people have lived in squalor, persecution, and misfortune; rarely, if ever, experiencing the aspects of life that make my life GREAT. If it wasn’t their government killing them it was mine. And if it wasn’t them suffering then I can only presume it would be someone else suffering, somewhere else. It seems to me that humans, in their quest for unyielding power, will inevitably lose their true sense of humanity as they pursue their own individual or corporate pursuance of power. And when I ask myself why, how, and when the next time this happens, what I really should be asking is: what can I do to relinquish the illusion of power in my own life, exhibiting the strengths that come to embody the only leadership that ultimately works: that of a servant. A servant leader.



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R.I.P. Jay Adams

R.I.P. Jay Adams

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